Unexpected Opportunity: SinisterForces Now Part of RPG Blog Alliance

This morning I posted an article about my goal to join the RPG Bloggers Network. I was happily surprised this morning when Michael Wolf of Stargazer’s World contacted me and suggested that I join the RPG Blog Alliance as well. The RPG Blog Alliance is a site dedicated to the aggregation of feeds from RPG related blogs. The site is still under development, but I had no problem joining the RPG Blog Alliance and my blog has already been approved. You can see articles from SinisterForces appearing there as of right now.

If you are interested in joining the RPG Blog Alliance you should check out theirĀ FAQ page. I am still going to pursue my goal of joining the RPG Bloggers Network as well, but this is another great way to team up with other RPG related blogs and to get the word out about SinisterForces to a larger audience. Go visit the RPG Blog Alliance, and perhaps consider submitting your own blog to be a part of their network as well. The more opportunities that you have to spread the word about your blog the better, and the RPG Blog Alliance is certainly one of those opportunities!