A Game Centered On Fudge Points?

I’m working on the Pudge rules (Pudge stands for “Portable Fudge”) which are supposed to be short, sweet, and fit onto no more than the two sides of a single index card. I’ve decided that to make this streamlined version of the rules work I need to hook everything into Fudge points. You want a higher rank in something? Spend Fudge points. You succeed in a challenge? Earn Fudge points. Everything is all about the game currency of Fudge points. So far I like how these rules have played at various events.

Ammo will be based on fudge points. Spells will be based on Fudge points. Skills will require Fudge points. The dice will still be rolled when needed, but the exchanging of points is the true focus of the game.

One problem though: How many Fudge points should the GM have? In order for this system to work the GM must have unlimited points to hand out to the players as needed, but does that mean that the GM should be able to spend unlimited points as well?

Right now I am leaning towards the GM having no Fudge points to spend until a player spends Fudge points. The GM will have unlimited points to reward the players with and to compel character aspects with, but when the GM wants to activate an NPC’s aspects only the Fudge points collected from the players may be used. These points go back into the “unlimited rewards” pile. Otherwise an NPC may only take actions at the rank of Poor. Spending a Fudge point increases the NPC’s rank by 1 per point spent. In order to keep an NPC in the game after it has taken damage the GM must spend the amount in damage dealt to keep the NPC active. This is the basics of the premise so far.

Has anyone tried this before? If so, what were the results? Should I give the GM a starting fund to work with (like 3 points per player)? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.