Mission Accomplished!

Way back on May 19th I set a goal for myself to publish an article every day starting from then until June 30th. If I could do that then I would submit my blog to be considered for membership into the RPG Bloggers Network. This would be my reward for posting an article every weekday for 59 weekdays straight.

Guess what day it is?

That is right! I have posted an article every day since April 11th. In fact, I wrote 62 articles with 2 being posted on the weekend and 1 day having 2 posts. Just because I made my goal does not mean that I am going to get lazy. I have no plans to start missing any days now.

Not only will I still submit my blog to the RPG Bloggers Network, but I am also going to commit to posting a new article every day in July just to keep the trend going. Why July? Because I’ll be on vacation from July 1st until the 11th, so that makes the challenge even harder for me. All of this is being done in an effort to push myself to become a better blogger and overall a better writer.

It feels good to set a goal and then to achieve that goal. Now I need to start focusing on bigger challenges.

Wish me luck!