A Gen Con Request: Run Top Secret /S.I.

One of my favorite RPGs of all time is Top Secret /S.I. from TSR. I have made my fondness for this game public knowledge on more than one occasion, and now my buddy and fellow Gnome Stew and Engine Publishing author Phil Vecchione has asked me to run a game of TSSI at this year’s Gen Con. Phil is also a big fan of this classic system, so I am greatly looking forward to GMing something special. He also asked me to GM a Fudge game, which is also awesome, but I get asked to do that a lot so it is not anything new.

Now I have to re-read the TSSI rules again, and get some pre-gen characters created for Gen Con. I must admit that I am a little nervous, because I have not run a TSSI game for a group other than my local group for a long time. This will be a great change from my usual Gen Con routine!