Should the Site be Primarily a Fudge Blog?

I have not been writing much about Fudge or Fudge derivatives lately. I find myself slipping more and more towards topics regarding how to be an effective GM. Similar to what I write about on Gnome Stew, but here I am able to be more genuine. Not that I am being untruthful or dishonest on Gnome Stew, but on that site I feel like I have to hold myself to a different standard. I must be a bit more polite, and a bit more tolerant, because I need to uphold the Gnome Stew brand and image. That is a good thing, because when you are part of a team you put your team first. Always.

But here I am representing myself, and if I do not put myself first than I am depriving the few regular readers that I have (you guys all rock, and thanks for giving me a chance) of the content that they are coming to this site for:

My unique personality, perspective and insight.

Whether or not my personality, perspective and insight are worth seeking out is a different matter all together. If I do not deliver those three key elements than I am deceiving readers. At Gnome Stew I have to stick to the purpose of the Gnome Stew team – deliver good system neutral advice for GMs and do not indulge in any flame wars or other bullshit with the comments. Here I am more vulgar, more likely to write about anything that pops into my head, and more likely to tell someone to “fuck off” if they were to really offend me. I have yet to be really offended by a comment on this site, but there have been a few remarks on Gnome Stew where I had to refrain from posting my initial reaction to the comment.

My point today though is that I am just not feeling to thrilled about Fudge stuff lately. I suspect that I am suffering some Fudge burnout and that I need to take a break from Fudge topics for a bit. I still love the Fudge system, but I am not able to really focus on it right now. My mind wanders when I try to do so.

Yet I know that people read my blog and started following me because of what I was doing with Fudge. Instead of just dragging those people along I wanted to clearly state what I have been considering here and give those people a chance to sound off about the idea. I figure that I owe them that much if I decide to pull a switcheroo here.

So what do you think? Should I take a break from Fudge for a brief time and get my various projects sorted out first? Should I force myself to get back to blogging primarily about the Fudge RPG? What do you want to see happen?

As always, leave a comment below and let the world know how you feel.

PS For those who are curious I and my family are still without power and have been for the last 87+ hours. We’re holding in there though, and we are all safe and healthy.