First Chapter to be Converted to Pudge Format

Technically the first chapter has already been converted when I took the “Fudge in a Nutshell” content and released it as a PDF that can be printed on 11 index cards, but today I want to address the first chapter of the Fudge SRD that I want to be converted by a group of volunteers under a formal project structure. Nothing too serious in its formality, of course, but you have to start somewhere.

There are only seven chapters in the Fudge SRD, so we will start at the beginning with “Chapter 1: Character Creation”.  I doubt that anyone is shocked by this announcement, and it is a safe bet that character creation rules will be needed for any RPG.

What I need now is input from fans of Fudge as to how the chapter should be restructured to fit onto index cards. What should be left alone? What should be kept but streamlined? What should be discarded? This is not just a copy and paste job. It is a revision of the Fudge SRD into a portable format. How do we make that happen?

If you want to be involved please leave a comment below and explicitly say so. I will be contacting those people who have already committed to help and I will be asking for their input, but if you want to get involved and have not said “Yes, I will help.” now is the time. Do not just comment on this project, because what is the fun in that? So that years later if it succeeds you can say “I watched it happen”?

Step up. Be a part of this. The worst thing that happens is that it fails. So what? No one is going to hold another failed RPG project against you.

But if you are a part of one that succeeds then you have something to talk about. You get to say “I did that. I and a team of others made that happen!”

So are you with me? If so, say so. And thanks to those people who are already with me on this project. You will be hearing from me soon!