Please Support "Arena of Heroes" on Kickstarter!

At Gen Con I observed a great board game that Jeremy Southard (@WastexGames on Twitter) of Wastex Games wants to produce called Arena of Heroes. The premise of the game is that you control a gladiator in an arena and by playing cards you may move, defend, and attack according to the instructions of the card that you played.

Every single player in this four person game was focused on the action, but what impressed me even more was that I as an observer was glued to what was happening moment by moment in the game. Plus I learned how to play the game just by watching it being played in front of me. Those are both signs of a great game that is just waiting to be played by a group of gamers before starting their weekly RPG session!

I did not know Jeremy before watching him demo his game, but I immediately started following him on Twitter after seeing one of his games in action. I am going to keep my eye on Wastex Games from now on if this is the kind of stuff that he produces. Most important of all though is that I showed my support for his game on Kickstarter by pledging $35. Producing a boxed game with cards is expensive, and I believe that this game is one that will bring many of us gamers hours upon hours of joy!

Please show some support for this fine project on Kickstarter! Pledge some cash if you can afford it! Help by spreading the word! This is a game that deserves to be on the shelves of your local game store, and you can be one of the people that helps to make it happen.

So please join me and others by doing what you can to help Arena of Heroes go from concept to reality!