Pudge Concept is Expanding!

Following Gen Con and my brief encounters with Nik Palmer (@spongg on Twitter) and Chris Helton (@dorkland on Twitter) I now have an even better idea of how to implement my concept for a complete RPG on index cards. I do not want to go into specifics right now, but details will be coming soon as I am developing a very nice framework at the moment to tie more than one feature together into a complete product line.

I will say that the goal is to provide a complete RPG experience using simple materials that will not require a great deal of storage space. The final product will be highly modular, and easily upgradable. The goal here is not to revolutionize RPGs, but instead to revolutionize how we collect and interact with RPGs.

I just want to contact others who I believe can aid me in this endeavor in private first before going into anymore detail, and I hope that those of you who read this blog understand and will forgive the lack of anything more than this teaser content today. More useful content will start appearing again soon.