What I Want to Accomplish With the Pudge Project

Seth Godin says in his book Poke the Box that if you do not finish something then you never really started it either. The purpose of this post is to share what the end result will be for the Pudge project, so that everyone will know when it is finished.

The project will be finished when the components listed below are all made available for free on the Internet and 100 people send me a photo of themselves using their personal “Pudge” kit:

  • Core Fudge rules section.
  • Fudge social challenges section.
  • Fudge combat section.
  • Fudge magic section.
  • Fudge powers section (psionics, cybernetics, superhuman, etc. all covered with one set of rules).
  • Pudge character creation rules.
  • Pudge character advancement rules.
  • Pudge GMing advice.
  • Pudge character sheet.
  • Pudge miniature GMing screen.
  • Pudge Fantasy section (traits, items, and bestiary).
  • Pudge Sci-fi section (traits, items, and bestiary).
  • Pudge Horror section (traits, items, and bestiary).
  • Pudge Modern section (traits, items, and bestiary).

All of these components must be play tested, edited, and indexed according to my previous post. The creators and contributors must be acknowledged as well. Instructions for the assembly of any components must be available, but will not need to be in the index card format.

After all of these components are in place and available for others to download and use I must then pursue the adoption of Pudge by 100 people. It is not done until those people play games with the Pudge system, and enjoy the experience.

That is the project. That is how we will know collectively that the project is finished. Once it is finished the next project can begin, but not until Pudge is out and being played.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know your opinion.