Worst Game Concept, or Best Ever? Hmm…

I am just going to throw this one out there and see if anyone takes a nibble off of this idea.

I like settings that encourage the role playing of difficult and somewhat uncomfortable situations. What if there was a game where you played social outcasts?

If your reaction was “Umm, you know that we’re gamers right?” please allow me to explain in more detail.

I am talking about real social outcasts. People who have committed a major taboo in the eyes of our culture. Social outcasts like:

  • prostitutes
  • porn stars (no, they are not prostitutes)
  • heroin addicts
  • former convicted felons
  • and other such members of our society.

Now I do not consider such people to be evil, nor do I think that what they are lesser beings in any way. I am saying that our society treats such people as being evil, and there are those who will treat such people as if they were lesser beings.

What if there was an RPG that let you get into the head of someone who had to deal with that kind of burden? What if you could role play the pressures that a person who has not “done as they were told” must face?

And what if it was not a tragedy? Or at least not always a tragedy?

I have no idea what form such a game would take, but you can bet that I would try it!

What do you think? Good concept? Bad concept? Leave a comment below and share your opinion with the world!