What Projects are On Hold

This is the post that I dread making, because it is a public admission of my limitations. I hate writing it, but I know that by doing this I will pave the way for better things to come.

All of my crazy ideas for games are on hold: Budge, Pudge, and everything else. I am also putting my book on improvising for GM’s on hold (although that is changing form in a way that is related to tomorrow’s post).

The one project that I am putting on hold that really hurts is Pudge. The reason is because there are other people interested in this project, and I feel like I am letting them down. Please understand that I will return to Pudge, because I think that it is one of the more innovative ideas that I have had, but I need to get some other thing sorted out first. Mainly, I need to start producing actual products.

This is not for the purpose of making money. Yes, the priority of any business that I start will be to make money, but the objective of the business that I am starting is to produce innovative products that make gaming better for my customers. You have to make money to keep the doors open, but the only reason to open those doors in the first place is to share your passion and art with the world.

So I apologize to any of you who feel let down by this post. I am sorry, but I know that this is the right move. This is what will help me to achieve my long term dreams. I hope that you will indulge me as I prepare for what I am sure will be a great learning experience.