Donate to Wikipedia

Ryan Macklin wrote an article titled Donate to the Ultimate Gaming Resource in which he appeals to gamers to support Wikipedia. His point is pretty solid Рwe pay $25 to $40 for gaming materials, but he (and I am certain many GMs) uses Wikipedia for free when doing research for a game.

I had already donated $10 to Wikipedia, but I read his article and thought “I can afford to give more.” So I went and donated another $10, and I will be making a donation of $5 every month from now on using the monthly donation option. I also added a support Wikipedia button to the sidebar on this site. I practice what I preach, so here comes the sermon.

I use Wikipedia a lot. I definitely use it to prepare for my games with. If you are like me then you should give some cash to Wikipedia. It is the right thing to do. You are not legally obligated, but if you use the site and can afford to give a donation do so. Wikipedia needs the money, and it should come from the people who use their service. Again, it is simply the right thing to do.

Pretty cut and dry logic, isn’t it? If you do not use Wikipedia, do not give them any money. If you do use Wikipedia, but cannot afford to make a donation then please spread the word to others in the hopes that they will make a donation. If you use Wikipedia and also can afford to make a donation please do so, and also spread the word to others asking them to make donations as well.

Why? Because if we do not act Wikipedia will either go away or possibly change in some way that makes it less useful. You do not have to break yourself. Just donate what you feel Wikipedia is worth to you. A lot of great games were helped by Wikipedia. We gamers should return the favor.