Chris Crawford’s Game Design & Creativity Lecture

If you want to do creative work, any type of creative work, watch this video:

Wax on! Wax off! Write code!!!


Yes, it is dated from way back in 1989 before humanity had discovered the Pluto was not a planet, and that what we all really wanted was instant access to porn from the privacy of our own homes. Yes, it is about video game development and not tabletop RPGs. Yes, I know that some people think that Chris Crawford is a psychopath (I don’t). No, I have not a clue as to what he is wearing. Gung fu monk garb perhaps?

None of that matters. This video is pure awesome for anyone who is serious about creating new things, whatever those things may be.

I especially love his advice on reading books about subjects beyond just a few choice ones that appeal to you. Everyone should do that even if they have no desire to create.