LARPing… Why Not?

I have been looking for ways to add more physical activities to my routines. I have also been eating more vegetables too, but back to the increased physical activity.

Tabletop role-playing games are great, but sitting around on my butt and eating junk food is not too appealing to me as I get older. I want to get up and move around, break a sweat, and have fun doing it.

So I have decided to join NERO Chicago and to play in a LARP. Gamers will know these terms already, but for the rest of you:

  • NERO – New England Roleplaying Organization
  • LARP – Live Action Role Playing

Just go here if you need more information, but basically I am going to put on a costume and run around with toy weapons playing Lord of the Rings with a whole camp full of other gamer geeks. We will be in character, hitting each other with foam covered sticks, and pretending to have magical powers while camping outdoors.

Basically I want to be Augie from Role Models. Yeah, I said it! I want to be like Augie – having fun being a geek while swinging around a foam sword.

It is going to be freaking awesome! 🙂