The Dreamers Will Inherit the Earth… AND Much, Much MORE!

In the Bible it says “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5).

Wrong. The meek, the gentle, the pacifists of the world will not inherit the Earth. The Bible is just plain wrong (in many ways, but I’ll save that topic for another day)! The people who will inherit the earth may be meek, gentle, or practice pacifism, but that will be a coincidence.

The dreamers are the ones who will inherit the earth! The people who are willing to think beyond the present day’s limitations, and who then follow their dreams to change the world.

Dreamers like Thomas Edison, Chuck Berry, Albert Einstein, Gloria Steinem, Martin Luther King Jr., James Randi, Harvey Milk, Christopher Hitchens, the Wright Brothers, Oprah Winfrey, Jonas Salk, Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller, and so many more!

The dreamers are the ones who forget to ask for permission before daring to move forward. The dreamers are the ones who will not listen to why they should not even try. The dreamers are the ones who fail, and fail, and fail again before succeeding.

The dreamers are the ones who hear why the dream is impossible, and then make the dream a reality anyhow.

The dreamers lose those pounds.

The dreamers get those degrees.

The dreamers get those jobs, even if they are the first person of their nationality, race, religion, or sex to have done so.

The dreamers are the ones who find the cures.

The dreamers are the ones who will travel to Mars and beyond.

Dream. Dream and see the future. Share your visions of the future with the rest of us, and then ignore us while you make the future the present.

Be the first female to play in the major leagues. Be the person who fixes the government. Be the person who writes that novel that launches a whole new genre. Be the person who solves the energy crisis.

Be the person who shows the rest of us the way forward.

The worst thing that can happen is that you might not succeed. So what? There is nothing wrong with being the person who tried. It is way better than being the person who never made an attempt.

And when you succeed the earth and more shall be yours!